the institute

Our work is our future. Our people are our inspiration.

Dr. Elio Tuci

Lead scientist with a PhD in AI. Elio leads the team in designing control systems for driver-less vehicles capable of navigating unmarked roads. Elio has more than 60 publications in international scientific journals and conference proceedings - many relating to the design of control systems for autonomous robots - and devised our method of using Neural Networks to drive vehicles.

Pasi William Sachiti

Founder and C.E.O. Pasi is a serial entrepreneur whose last three companies were acquired. The latest, MyCityVenue, an A.I. driven experiences platform serving 1.6 million users was acquired in 2014 by Secret Escapes. Lead inventor of the Sky-Highway System and the Edge of Space Anti-Drone UAV, Pasi has also recently returned to his studies where he is working on specialising in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

Nick Magliocchetti

The CEO of FlyWithWaves. Nick also runs a venture capital fund, is a mentor at Microsoft Ventures, and has turned around the fortunes of numerous companies over the past 16 years. Nick brings expert knowledge in growing, scaling and exiting companies. Nick is on our board of advisors.