Academy of Robotics is a UK company which designs and builds self-driving vehicles. The company is opening a public investment round which allows anyone to invest as an Angel, VC or using crypto. Use this page to express an interest to invest. Scroll down to find out more.

We are opening a small investment round. Pre-register here to express your interest and receive a copy of our investment deck.

371 Current-Investors
£ 5000 Minimum Valuation

Capital at Risk Investments in this company fall under the rules set out in the National Security and Investment Act ‘Advanced robotics’. Additional KYC will may carried out by the UK Government to protect national security. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please invest aware.

We move fast. Now you can be part of this journey.

We unveiled Kar-go Delivery Bot at Goodwood Festival of Speed generating numerous partnership and trial enquiries along with international media coverage.

Kar-go was licensed as street legal by the DVLA in the UK and we had developed our first Command Hub integration for remote operation and added safety provision

We expanded our residential trials, receiving an overwhelmingly positive reception from the public and media.